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The Internet of Things and the Workplace

bdoc-background In offices across the US, the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping save money with environmental controls by not lighting or climate-controlling unused spaces. The IoT is changing how activity can be monitored across the office and is being used to make more educated decisions about space efficiency. Companies are able to see occupancy data of every square foot of their facilities and evaluate the utilization and necessity of that space. 


Click here to learn more about how the IoT is changing how we do work.


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The Connection between the Internet of Things and the Commercial HVAC Market

bdoc_editThe Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a reliable option in the residential HVAC market. Studies show that in 2015 approximately 13% of consumers will have an IoT service device in their homes. With the residential market adopting the IoT, the commercial market is also beginning to incorporate IoT, specifically in smart building technology. Check out this article to learn more about how the IoT’s is affecting HVAC manufacturers.


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Elevating Customer Experience with Innovative Data Science

rc-ib-15-photo-048Check out this case study about a recent project with Cousins Properties, which was featured during IBcon 2015.


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Efficiency Measurements Drive Action

BI-Dashboarding-and-Energy-Management-Reporting-ServicesMcKenney’s used bdoc®Analytics and bdoc® ValidateTM to capture critical building data and find ways to conserve energy at T3 Labs in Atlanta, Georgia.


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