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Three Reasons to Integrate AI with BIM Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to make an impact on VDC efforts throughout the construction industry.  With the introduction of low code and no code AIyour business will have opportunities to optimize designs, reduce schedules, and increase value.  Here are three reasons to start exploring AI with BIM right now.   

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Learn about our in-house capabilities, including #BIM and prefabrication

A big part of a successful project is finding the right team. With McKenney’s, our over six decades of experience is combined with superior mechanical construction expertise, proven processes, professional engineers and skilled tradesmen. Explore our capabilities to learn how we can partner with you to take your project to the next level.



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Should BIM Schedules be Independent of Overall Project Schedules?

An overall project schedule (OPS) is one of the most important planning tools available to any construction team.  The most successful projects include BIM workflows in their OPS.  Here are three best practices I have observed on projects that leverage BIM for the most value.


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BIM Trends to Look for in 2018

 There are several technology trends to keep your eye on in 2018 that will impact the future of BIM for fabrication.  These changes can improve the safety, quality, and productivity of every project that leverages BIM tools.   


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BIM and Virtual Construction – The Same or Different?

Can the terms BIM and Virtual Construction be used interchangeably in the construction market or do they carry different meanings that can impact how the team interacts?  (more…)

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