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Celebrating Our Charlotte Safety Day 2018


As the lights came on and the banquet room at the Sheraton Hotel bustled with field employees, Charlotte Safety Day 2018 got under way. You could feel the energy level in the room as all participants—including the instructors—were charged with a sense of something very different and very significant.





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Tracking Near Misses to Move Safety Forward

We all know the feeling. You’re completing a task either at work or at home and something dangerous and unexpected happens. You’re able to react and stop in time, but you’re left with a feeling in the pit of your stomach—worry that it was such a close call and relief that it wasn’t worse. This guy reaction is a classic symptom of a near miss.



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Now Hiring – Commissioning Techs


McKenney’s is committed to diversity based on inclusion, understanding and acceptance. We know that our individuality and distinct backgrounds are what help make our company great. We foster a safe, friendly workplace that reflects a full range of perspectives, tastes and preferences. McKenney’s is looking for Commissioning Techs to join our team in Atlanta.



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The Core of Building Security

Video surveillance has always been a core part of building security. Traditional security cameras have been transformed into an IP tool for better insight into security, safety, and human behavior. It’s ability to deter and monitor crime makes it the perfect piece for any smart building puzzle.


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Smart Building Technology is Changing Facilities Management

What is IoT? Internet of Things devices is a network of sensors, meters, appliances and other devices that are capable of sending and receiving data. You can enable building staff to have more context for what’s going on and they can act more quickly and be more responsible when they have the right information about the building.



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