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Archive for October, 2016

Team Accelerates Coil Refit


McKenney’s replaced nine chilled water coils in 34-year old air handling units (AHUs) located in an operation center for a large, public service company.


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Keeping an Eye Watch on the Industry: Johnson Controls’ Merger with TYCO

Systems Integration & ControlsAnyone in the building automation industry will tell you that technology is moving at the speed of thought. Most people tend to focus on the “big four,” which are Johnson, Trane, Honeywell and Siemens. Whenever any of these parties makes a major play, the whole industry asks two questions, what is going on and what does this do to our business?


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Take Steps to Prevent Strains/Sprains While Lifting and Carrying Objects


As we work through our daily routines we sometimes lose focus on taking smart steps to prevent strains/sprains.



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Twisted Problem Solving

Energy Services

When a system malfunctions, somebody needs to fix it. The systems we deal with at McKenney’s often have thousands of variables with one, or ten, of those variables being the issue. So how do you solve a random problem when everything is all twisted together? The following is a description of the steps we used to solve a recent problem.


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Designing Alternatives for Uptime

McKenney’s provided critical services that enabled HVAC systems to remain online during a chiller plant renovation for the commercial office in Atlanta, Georgia.


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