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Cloud Based Physical Security

Systems Integration & ControlsYes, you read the title correctly even though it may seem to be contradictory that providing Physical security of your facility designed to maintain the safety of your building occupants and protect your company’s valuable assets can be managed by a cloud hosted service that does not require any physical network infrastructure in your building. But it is true.


Schneider Electric recently announced a partnership with a leading Cloud Based, Security Platform Feenics which provides complete access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance for just about any sized commercial, institutional, or public gathering facility. Furthermore, it does so without the need for costly servers, network infrastructure or an IT department.


AccessXpert enables the highest level of physical security capabilities for a single tenant in a building or an entire corporate or academic campus. All features are managed via a common web browser connected laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Credentialing is simplified via a custom mobile app and can be accomplished as simply as taking a photo of the person being enrolled and assigning them to the appropriate security group. Temporary access is equally simplified and the mobile app provides alerts and notifications immediately via mobile messaging.


Since the software is cloud based, all software maintenance is handled remotely by Feenics secure cloud management teams and network security is built in. Two-factor authentication, encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) are standard.


The intuitive web based interface is simple to use yet provides leading security features not available in comparable non-cloud based systems, Active shooter lock down or mass evacuation can be activated with a single click.


AccessXpert utilizes field hardware that is compliant with the Mercury standard providing the lowest cost and most readily available supply chain of repair and replacement parts in the market today.


Cloud based services are becoming more and more commonplace and providing leading edge physical security system capabilities without the upfront costs of servers or ongoing software maintenance make AccessXpert a clear winner and goes a long way towards reducing the total cost of ownership for any sized facility.

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Leroy Walden
Leroy Walden, Vice President of Technical Systems Sales at McKenney’s, Inc., has been in the Building Technologies business for more than 35 years and is the current President of InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance. At McKenney’s, he is responsible for business development and sales of a full range of Smart Building solutions including building automation, integrated security, energy monitoring, data integration and Business Intelligence for Buildings™. Key projects for his team include a comprehensive energy metering and visualization project for Eglin Air Force Base, the largest in the continental U.S., and a rules-based building analytics cloud for a multi-building commercial property portfolio spanning more than eight million square feet.
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