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Archive for August, 2016

Beating the Mid-Summer Heat

Beating the Mid-summer Heat (Cobb Galleria)_PQ1McKenney’s replaced 12 roof- mounted air handling units at the Cobb Galleria Centre while battling stifling heat and a daunting deadline. (more…)

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Cloud Based Physical Security

Systems Integration & ControlsYes, you read the title correctly even though it may seem to be contradictory that providing Physical security of your facility designed to maintain the safety of your building occupants and protect your company’s valuable assets can be managed by a cloud hosted service that does not require any physical network infrastructure in your building. But it is true. (more…)

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Situational Awareness: Are you really seeing what’s around you?

SafetyThe phrase “situational awareness” may not be one that you’ve heard before. Situational awareness is the ability to identify, process and understand critical information that is happening all around you. In safety, it’s the ability to be aware of all possible at-risk threats, even as you concentrate on a specific work task and what’s directly in front of you. Everyone’s situational awareness is potentially very different. We all see and frame at-risk threats using our own lens.  This framing is a product of our social upbringing, education and personal experiences. (more…)

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Validating Energy Savings

rsz_cobb_galleria_centre_007_-_exterior_-_vertical_entrance_and_road_-_phMcKenney’s assessed, repaired and upgraded mechanical equipment and controls at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. (more…)

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What Ever Happened to the Chiller-less Data Center Revolution?

The idea of the chiller-less data center has been a popular topic for the savvy designer to philosophize on since the original internet boom of the 90’s. It has been a more realistically achievable goal for well over a decade. Between the hardware manufacturers and data center operators accepting that the modern server can withstand higher input temperatures with minimal additional risk and the overall focus on energy efficiency across the industry, there have been great strides in the never ending march towards unity in PUE measurements. (more…)

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