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Archive for May, 2016

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from your friends at McKenney’s


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Efficiency in Repurposed Office Tower

Commercial OfficesMcKenney’s upgraded the HVAC system for 50-year old office building being rededicated into a mixed-use office and hotel space. (more…)

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An Educated Approach to HVAC

Delivering-for-Pharma-GiantMcKenney’s installed HVAC ductwork and piping at a nanotechnology research and training facility under renovation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. (more…)

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Partnership Through Collaboration – Why Design/Assist Works

Business DevelopmentIn today’s market, Owners are faced with a myriad of choices in delivery methods for their projects. Project and Program Managers are charged with advising Owners and managing the design and construction process, while implementing the best and most appropriate delivery method for each project. We are seeing a clear trend toward more collaborative, innovative approaches, often involving a “Project Team” early in the design process. One such approach, the Design-Assist Model, has multiple advantages and yet doesn’t drift too far from the more traditional approach making it a very popular method in a variety of markets. (more…)

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The (Dis)connection between Construction and Operations

EnergywithwordsWhen considering options for HVAC systems for a large commercial or industrial facility, which option is better … saving 20% on design & construction costs or saving 10% annually on operating & maintenance costs over the expected life of the installed system and associated equipment? Instead of answering this question let’s consider another first, “Do construction and operation teams make buying decisions with each other in mind?” (more…)

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