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Archive for April, 2016

Delivering for Pharma Giant

Delivering-for-Pharma-Giant McKenney’s completed a large-scale HVAC and plumbing installation at a new manufacturing plant on a 100-acre campus in Covington, Georgia. (more…)

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Ambiguity and Mystery in Building Automation

Syst_Int_Controls-3From the days of pneumatic tubing and controls to the finest digital building control system, there have been quite a few technology leaps; yet, the fact remains the same: the whole industry wants their buildings smarter and more automated. Removing the mysterious veil from automation has become a high priority in the cyber-driven, technology-centric marketplace, and the customer is increasingly wanting to integrate more parts, pieces and systems. (more…)

Tags: Systems Integration & Controls

Confined Space in Construction Standards

safetyOn August 3rd, 2015, OSHA’s new Confined Space in Construction standard became effective.  Under 29 CFR 1926.Subpart AA, there are significant changes that help ensure multi-employer worksites have more thoroughly planned for, and implemented, tactics to conduct safe permit-required confined space entries.  Some key changes include: (more…)

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Energy Services can be your Competitive Edge

EnergywithwordsIs your budget season right around the corner? Do you have a growing stack of proposals staring at you that you don’t know what to do with? Will you pick the projects that have the most impact for your organization? The Energy Services team at McKenney’s is here for you and can help you find answers, not just create more questions. (more…)

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Trade Coordination – The Key to Project Success

The key driving forces of construction are cost and schedule. As an owner or a general contractor, you want to maintain budget, maintain schedule and provide a quality project. Coordination is the key that will allow you to drive your schedule and define the success of the project. (more…)

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