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The Connection between Facility Security, Intelligence and Sustainability

Security_site_monitoringAt McKenney’s, we’re dedicated to providing responsible building practices and energy-saving systems and services on the projects we help build across the Southeast. But we also know that facility security and overall building intelligence are key components to successful properties.  A recent study by Honeywell and KRC Research shows that facility managers still rank security as one of their top concerns for their facilities. The goal needs to be to use technology to reach the trifecta: “green, safe and productive.”


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The Internet of Things and the Workplace

bdoc-background In offices across the US, the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping save money with environmental controls by not lighting or climate-controlling unused spaces. The IoT is changing how activity can be monitored across the office and is being used to make more educated decisions about space efficiency. Companies are able to see occupancy data of every square foot of their facilities and evaluate the utilization and necessity of that space. 


Click here to learn more about how the IoT is changing how we do work.


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Upgrades Paid for by Energy Savings

Web quality_Upgrades-Paid-for-by-Energy-SavingsSupporting an energy-service performance contractor, McKenney’s developed and installed several energy conservation measures (ECM)—including new domestic hot water (DHW), heating hot water (HHW) and HVAC systems.


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Economizers Mean Energy Savings!

A great way to meet the cooling needs of your data center while also delivering significant energy savings is to implement an economizer. Economizers can have a significant impact on energy costs in a data center as mechanical cooling is one of the largest consumers of energy in a typical data center. With economizers, you have two options to cut back on energy costs and help save money.


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