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Archive for August, 2015

Helping Protect What Matters Most

Helping-Protect-What-Matters-MostMcKenney’s completed an HVAC overhaul for an Assurant office tower, replacing a chiller plant and the supporting air handling units (AHUs) with no building downtime.


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Delivering Turnkey Energy Savings

Delivering-Turnkey-Energy-Savings-USDA-AthensMcKenney’s replaced a deaerator and vacuum pump to help increase energy efficiency at a USDA facility in Athens, Georgia.


The Challenge

Because it was required for various agency processes, the steam delivery system could not be shut down. The new deaerator needed to be operational before the existing unit could be removed. The penthouse where the vacuum pump was located had very limited access, and no system interruptions were allowed.


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Containing the Energy!

As a data center owner, operator or engineer, one of your main responsibilities is to reduce the energy usage in your data center without sacrificing reliability and performance. This can be a daunting task especially in a legacy data center, so the available options need to be well thought-out and should take into account existing conditions and operational requirements. One of the most effective and relatively simple solutions is to implement a basic air management strategy to prevent the supply and return air from mixing, which can result in energy savings in your data center.


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The Benefits of Contractor Commissioning in New Construction

As the benefits of commissioning are increasingly realized in the construction industry, third party commissioning is becoming a standard. At McKenney’s, we are constantly focused on quality and owner satisfaction and therefore involve our Commissioning Department in all construction projects.


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5S of LEAN

LEANAs we continue our LEAN initiative at McKenney’s, we are utilizing more tools and methods to make an impact across our campuses. One way we’re doing this is by implementing 5S in our work areas.


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