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Archive for November, 2014

Boosting Security & Energy Savings

Security_site_monitoringCheck out one of the latest projects by our Security team — a large-scale access control and lighting upgrade for an international data center based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tags: Automation & Control Solutions, Security

The Transition to Operational Stability

The commissioning process as best understood and applied today is materially completed at the end of construction and typically just prior to the owner taking occupancy of a facility or space. Yes, there are seasonal tests that are deferred and revisited as appropriate but for all intents and purposes the commissioning process has been completed at this stage…but should it be?


Tags: Commissioning

Energy Savings Strategies in Your Data Center – Part 2: Evaluating the Potential Impact of the Big Investment through Free Agency

With the onset of 24/7 sports channels, you can track every decision your favorite football team makes, including the big free agent signing, that can potentially turn the fortunes of the team around or set them up for a championship run the following season. When it comes to data centers, the idea of free agency can help you evaluate the potential impact of the big investment.


Tags: Data Centers

Navigating the Waters between Design and Construction

BIM&ConstructionTechnologyBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) has promised to streamline the process from design to fabrication to operation in the built environment.  Is this the current reality of our market?  Are we able to truly leverage this promise with the current workflows and proficiencies of today’s participants and tools?  At the request and direction of the owner and architectural community, a large portion of the MEP design community has standardized on the Revit® MEP platform while the primary subcontractor community in mechanical and plumbing systems maintain a focus on AutoCAD based platforms.  Why is this and how do we bridge this gap?


Tags: BIM & Construction Technology