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Archive for June, 2014

Providing Energy Management Expertise

Syst_Int_Controls-3Check out one of the latest projects by our Automation & Control Solutions team — a pilot project to upgrade an energy monitoring system at Macy’s stores nationwide.


Tags: Automation & Control Solutions, Systems Integration & Controls

Part 2: What Do Hitting a Curve Ball and Retrocommissioning Have in Common?

EnergywithwordsWith spring comes America’s favorite pastime: baseball. For many people, there’s nothing better than sitting in your favorite ballpark, watching your favorite team on a sunny day with a hot dog in one hand and an ice cold drink in the other. In honor of this tradition, we’re exploring what hitting a curve ball and retrocommissioning have in common.


Tags: Energy Services

“Mom & Dad… I want to be a hacker when I grow up!”

buildingintelligence2_smallerWhat if your child said he or she wanted to be a hacker when they grow up? What would you do? I would ask them which kind. Yes, you read that correctly: which kind. If they said a white hat hacker, I would not only say “yes,” but I would also try and help them. If you don’t know what a white hat hacker is, they are the good guys. In today’s society, at least to me, white hat hackers are equivalent of the fireman, solider, policeman that we wanted to grow up to be.


Tags: Automation & Control Solutions, Building Intelligence

Why Does LEAN Matter in Construction?

LEANHave you heard about LEAN manufacturing or LEAN construction? Do you know what this means and why it matters? Here, we take a look at what LEAN is and why we make incorporating LEAN into every area at McKenney’s a top priority.


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