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Trending Phishing Scams of 2018

Phishing is a technique that involves tricking you into thinking you are on a secure website or responding to a legitimate business email to steal confidential information, passwords, etc. Phishing schemes are still one of the most serious threats to companies including internet giants like Google and Facebook. As criminals adapt their techniques, you (and your employees) should be aware of the scams du jour.



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Should BIM Schedules be Independent of Overall Project Schedules?

An overall project schedule (OPS) is one of the most important planning tools available to any construction team.  The most successful projects include BIM workflows in their OPS.  Here are three best practices I have observed on projects that leverage BIM for the most value.


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What environmental sustainability metrics should be tracked?

If your organization wants to achieve a leadership position in corporate environmental sustainability, it should take a serious look at the five key metrics highlighted by the GreenBiz report. In order to determine which ones among the five, and others beyond the five, should be measured, it is important to identify what is material to your organization.



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How to Secure Your Facebook Data

With all the national headlines about Facebook privacy one may think sharing your data is a new challenge. Yet, Facebook has always made its money selling your data to advertisers. Take 5 minutes to update your profile settings to limit the amount of personal data Facebook shares about you.   (more…)

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Seven Common Accident Causes

Accidents, by definition, are unintentional consequences to an action or behavior. However, by no means does this mean that accidents cannot be preventable, at least some of the time. 


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