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Ensuring a Comfortable Hotel Stay

Project Name

High-end Hotel Chiller Replacement

Project Location

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Team

Owner: International Hotel Company

Contractor: McKenney’s, Inc.




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2017 Solar Eclipse Party Benefiting United Way

As a part of our 2017 United Way of Greater Atlanta campaign, our Atlanta office held a Solar Eclipse Party. The afternoon was complete with Sun Chips, Moon Pies and a playlist of tunes to celebrate the 2017 Solar Eclipse!


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Why you NEED Multifactor Authentication

If you’re like most people, you know Cyber Security is important. Not only that, you know you should be doing something more with passwords. But let’s face it — memorizing dozens of passwords or trusting a new process is daunting. This is where Multifactor Authentication comes in. Imagine not having to change a single password…EVER?  (more…)

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Seamless Data Center Operations

Project Name

Large Data Center


Project Location

Norcross, Georgia


Project Team

Owner: Communications Services Provider

General Contractor: Westin Construction

Engineer: Black & Veatch



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Visual Management in LEAN Construction

A strategy for when things get busy. 

When work ramps up on a jobsite or in the office, a few things will almost certainly happen. We will start working with new members of our team, and our work will begin to get more complex and move at a faster pace. (more…)

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