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Focusing on Safety, Quality, and Productivity at Ft. Benning

For the past 8 years McKenney’s Building Performance Team has been working with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and their project teams at Ft. Benning. Together we’ve been working on the renovation of their basic training barracks.  These barracks, referred to as “Starships”, are large 250,000+ sq. ft. facilities used for the housing and training of incoming new troops during basic training.  (more…)

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BIM and Virtual Construction – The Same or Different?

Can the terms BIM and Virtual Construction be used interchangeably in the construction market or do they carry different meanings that can impact how the team interacts?  (more…)

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McKenney’s, Inc. Offers Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services

McKenney’s, Inc. is the Southeast’s most trusted name in facility construction, operation and maintenance. For more than six decades, the company’s proven approach has ensured high-quality, energy efficient solutions at every stage of a building—Design, Build, Manage and Maintain. McKenney’s offers expertise in complete building mechanical and plumbing service and maintenance as well as HVAC, process piping, building automation and control systems, facility asset software services.


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Commissioning, Re-Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning: What’s the Difference?

In an industry where buildings are aging and owner’s needs are ever-changing, it can be tricky determining what your facility needs. When buildings are at different life stages, it’s the details and demands of the building that establish which services are needed and eventually which solutions are to be delivered.  (more…)

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McKenney’s is Moving Fleet Safety Forward!

This month in safety we will elaborate on the state of Fleet Safety in our industry, the impact of accidents to our business and our employees, and highlight the technological advances that will improve how we move our products and people safely on our roads and highways.


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