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Event Recap: Realcomm Las Vegas 2014

rc-ib-14-photo-004It has been a little over one month since I returned from the Realcomm Las Vegas 2014 conference with some assumptions confirmed. I was thoroughly impressed with the event schedule, session presenters and participants. From my perspective, the event generated a tremendous amount of valuable information for its stakeholder community. I even had the honor of meeting AJ Jolivette, CTO and president of Terosaur, Inc., who demonstrated how their drone technology may play a role in commercial real estate in the near future.


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Driving LEAN forward with Good Ideas

LEANHow often do you change workflows as a result of your own good ideas? How often do people on your team share good ideas with you? If this is not a daily occurrence, you could be missing a huge opportunity!


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Choosing an Access Control System for Your Facility

Security_site_monitoringSecurity for employees and organizational assets is a major concern when today’s business leaders are considering locations for their companies. Access control, or the means by which people are granted or denied access to various areas inside a facility, is one of the vital components of an effective security program and comes in many different types and levels of complexity.


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Providing High-Quality Mechanical Systems Solutions for the Carolinas


As the Southeast’s most trusted name in facility construction, operation and maintenance, we’re proudly providing quality building services at facilities across the Carolinas. Backed by over six decades of experience, we have the tools and resources to help you make smarter building management decisions.


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The Value of Commissioning During the Design Phase

The value that the commissioning process can add to a construction project is likely the greatest during the design phase before a building or building system is actually built. Without exception, the easiest and least expensive modifications that can be made to a building system are ones that are made on paper before materials and equipment are purchased. 


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