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Turnkey Delivery for Federal Laboratory

As prime contractor, McKenney’s Building Performance team delivered a turnkey laboratory for a large federal agency in Midtown Atlanta.


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Happy Thanksgiving From McKenney’s!

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, full of joy and happiness with your family and friends!


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What Is the Real Root Cause of the Problems We See in the Office or on a Jobsite?

Taking the 5 Whys to the Next Level

At McKenney’s our teams strive every day to make improvements in our work, on our jobsites and in our customer service. However, it’s not just about making improvements—it’s about making the right improvements. To do this, you need to discover the real issue, also known as the root cause.


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“Winter is Coming”… Are you prepared?

What a busy summer we have all endured this year.  After the months of heat, humidity and tropical storms it is finally time to relax, right?  We know better than that.


With the leaves beginning to turn and our lawns going dormant, we need to start preparing for winter and colder weather.  While we don’t have to be worried about White Walkers invading, we do need to make sure we are prepared for what winter will bring.  Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your facility.  Now is the time to make sure you are prepared.


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Safety Tips for the Construction Site

For this month’s Safety Blog, we are going to highlight 6 Top Construction Site Safety Tips for employers and workers on the job to consider.  While all of these should already be an active part of your safety program, it is good to be reminded and to keep these tips top of mind.


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