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Stay Protected, Be Prepared

With Hurricane Florence recently impacting the Southeast US, it’s important to remember that “preparedness” is one of the BEST things you can do to protect your family and your assets.



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Mastering a New System – IEC HVAC Installation

Mastering a New System – IE… by on Scribd

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Have a relaxing and safe Labor Day Weekend!


This Labor Day we thank you for your hard work, commitment and dedication.


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Celebrating Our Charlotte Safety Day 2018


As the lights came on and the banquet room at the Sheraton Hotel bustled with field employees, Charlotte Safety Day 2018 got under way. You could feel the energy level in the room as all participants—including the instructors—were charged with a sense of something very different and very significant.





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Tracking Near Misses to Move Safety Forward

We all know the feeling. You’re completing a task either at work or at home and something dangerous and unexpected happens. You’re able to react and stop in time, but you’re left with a feeling in the pit of your stomach—worry that it was such a close call and relief that it wasn’t worse. This guy reaction is a classic symptom of a near miss.



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