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Data Centers: Where to Begin?

Data has become KING as we have used it to connect safely with our teams and families, and in the same way, the Atlanta data center market has become strengthened! We have been seeing major data center players showing up on the scene, and McKenney’s is in a great position to capitalize on this current market surge and future opportunities. Data center construction and expansions do not show any signs of slowing down as data becomes more vital in our everyday lives.  (more…)

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Your Real Estate Portfolio Master Plan Deserves A Master Systems Integrator

Imagine you’re the owner of a football team. Do you rely on each of your players to play their position as best they can? Or do you count on your head coach to lead the team to a championship ring? Leading a team of controls, fire, security, lighting and IT systems contractors without a Master Systems Integrator is like trying to win a championship without a head coach!


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The Need for Quality Preventive Maintenance

The need for a quality preventive maintenance program is important now more than ever.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!  With the arrival of the current pandemic, the term frequently being tossed around is a “healthy building”. What measures can be taken to support this journey? 


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From our minds and hearts to our hands: How to Combat Complacency on the Jobsite

Everyone is affected by all the uncertainty we face in this present world of daily change.  These times can challenge our thoughts and concerns of how we, as individuals, trek through our lives.  How do we carry the everyday thoughts and concerns into our work lives or to our task at hand?


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Bipolar Ionization: Sometimes the Best Defense is a Good Offense

As people begin to think about their return to “normal” in the wake of COVID-19, many questions remain regarding what can be done to minimize the risk of virus transmission in the office. Of the many solutions, bipolar ionization has promise when it comes to combatting the spread of viruses and can even help reduce your building’s energy usage. Additional clinical studies must be performed outside of the small, controlled testing environments to substantiate manufacturer claims, but how does bipolar ionization work?


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