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Healing Through Energy Efficiency

The Challenge

  • Incomplete original construction documents
  • Multiple workspace reconfigurations
  • Reduce utilities consumption spend by $250,000 annually

The Solution

  • Conducted energy assessment to identify root causes of operational inefficiencies


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Solve the Performance Challenges of Your Healthcare Facility

Keeping a facility operating around the clock is no small job. Add in aging systems with device and sensor issues, and you have a facility that has too much variance in patient comfort, takes too much time to operate and uses too much energy to run.



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Health Care Renovation – HVAC and Plumbing

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ASHRAE 170 Pressure Room Pressurization

Certain rooms in a healthcare building should be correctly pressurized with respect to surrounding areas. If rooms are not properly pressurized, an imbalance may exist between the supply and exhaust rates for the room. The following are examples of positively pressurized rooms:

  • Operating Rooms
  • Delivery Rooms
  • Trauma Rooms
  • Laser Eye Rooms
  • Pharmacy
  • Surgical Supply Clean Workrooms and Sterile Storage



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How Can We Eliminate Waste in Construction & Operations in the Healthcare Industry?

Before diving into how we can eliminate waste and conserve money and resources, we need to take a look at the reality. I’ll identify some challenges this industry already faces.



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