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Energy Services can be your Competitive Edge

EnergywithwordsIs your budget season right around the corner? Do you have a growing stack of proposals staring at you that you don’t know what to do with? Will you pick the projects that have the most impact for your organization? The Energy Services team at McKenney’s is here for you and can help you find answers, not just create more questions. (more…)

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Big Data Can Help Increase Energy Efficiency

EnergywithwordsThe Department of Energy has created the SEED Platform Collaborative to for cities and states to join and help collect and manage bid data. The information being gathered is being used to set aggressive goals for energy efficiency moving forward. Click here to read more about the Collaborative and the results.



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Moving from building benchmarking to building projects

EnergywithwordsMany building owners track their building energy usage, and benchmark it against the Energy Star database of commercial buildings through Energy Star Portfolio Manager. If you are not currently doing this, please check our previous blog post here (note: benchmarking is required in the City of Atlanta).

At the end of the process, you end up with an Energy Star score 74/100, maybe an EUI (72), or perhaps a total utility spend of about $645,000 a year.

Often, the next questions are something like, “So what? What do I do with this?”

We would like to help you take these questions, and build actual projects that provide a clear path forward to better operations and lower utility costs. (more…)

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New Building Energy Performance Data Changing How We Talk About Energy

EnergywithwordsA new “dictionary of data” created by the Department of Energy opens up opportunities for big data solutions and increased resource consumption transparency.


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Winter Is Coming! Is Your Building Ready?

EnergywithwordsProper building pressure is essential for your buildings as it can affect many different areas, including security, indoor air quality, structural health, occupants’ comfort, energy conservation and freeze prevention. Whether it’s over- or under-pressurization, this can be costly in terms of energy and disruptions for occupants and building managers alike.


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