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Gold Medal Design

Energy ServicesJust like an Olympic athlete, the design, efficiency and consistency of a building project can be crucial in the balance between success and failure.  (more…)

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Validating Energy Savings

rsz_cobb_galleria_centre_007_-_exterior_-_vertical_entrance_and_road_-_phMcKenney’s assessed, repaired and upgraded mechanical equipment and controls at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. (more…)

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Condenser Water Temperature: “What is your strategy?”

Energy ServicesWe are in the midst of summer here in Atlanta and our air conditioning systems are working hard to keep us comfortable.  Operating a chilled water system in larger facilities can be a challenging thing.  Understanding what your largest energy consumer in your system wants can be the key to operating these systems as efficiently as possible.  As is the case with any system, there is a balance that must be found to truly optimize performance.  There is not one answer…you need to understand what you have and have a strategy.


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Would You Buy This?

EnergywithwordsWhat are owners and operators truly buying when they buy building systems? Have these purchases become too complicated? For many building systems, just as in all of our world today, the technology is evolving quickly and this makes what used to be a relatively straightforward “apples to apples” comparison nearly impossible. Could our industry (HVAC) make buying decisions different and easier? (more…)

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The (Dis)connection between Construction and Operations

EnergywithwordsWhen considering options for HVAC systems for a large commercial or industrial facility, which option is better … saving 20% on design & construction costs or saving 10% annually on operating & maintenance costs over the expected life of the installed system and associated equipment? Instead of answering this question let’s consider another first, “Do construction and operation teams make buying decisions with each other in mind?” (more…)

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