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How Much Energy Is Your HVAC System Wasting?

Janelle Penny, senior editor at buildings.com, published an article highlighting 5 places where you might be losing money due to your HVAC system.



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Where to put building capital? Seen vs the Unseen

When an HVAC system needs significant investment to continue to function reliably, there are often two opposite reactions.  The building engineer and property manager see an opportunity for less maintenance, higher efficiency, and generally smoother operations.   Conversely, an asset manager thinks of all the other things that capital could be used for to improve the value of the investment.  Is there a way to get both behind the project? (more…)

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Retrocommissioning Heightens Efficiency

55-allen-plaza-001-phMcKenney’s monitored, analyzed and repaired existing mechanical systems in the Allen Plaza high-rise tower to improve energy efficiency.
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Conserving Energy One Step at a Time

captureMcKenney’s implemented a wide range of energy-saving initiatives for building operating systems at T3 Labs in Atlanta, Georgia. (more…)

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Twisted Problem Solving

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When a system malfunctions, somebody needs to fix it. The systems we deal with at McKenney’s often have thousands of variables with one, or ten, of those variables being the issue. So how do you solve a random problem when everything is all twisted together? The following is a description of the steps we used to solve a recent problem.


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