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Breaking New Ground in Efficiency

Date CentersMcKenney’s installed very complex, industry-leading computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units at a new data center under construction in Alpharetta, Georgia.  (more…)

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Success is in the Details

success is in the details pciture for blogMcKenney’s installed a new prefabricated chiller plant and piping loop to support up to nine megawatts of critical load for a colocation data center in North Carolina.


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Mitigating Installation Risks

Cooling-System-Installation-Atlanta-1McKenney’s installed additional cooling systems and capacity at Internap’s premium colocation facility in Atlanta. (more…)

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Trade Coordination – The Key to Project Success

datacenters4The key driving forces of construction are cost and schedule. As an owner or a general contractor, you want to maintain budget, maintain schedule and provide a quality project. Coordination is the key that will allow you to drive your schedule and define the success of the project. (more…)

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Planning and Building a Data Center

datacenters4The basis of design for your next major investment in your ever-growing IT infrastructure is complete and the engineering team has put together a set of documents that will be used to begin the planning and budgeting phase for the project. This part of planning and building a data center can be easily overlooked or under-utilized, however it is one of the most important for setting up a project for success. Ensuring that the request for proposal is well thought out and well defined will lay the ground work for successfully controlling budget and maintaining design intent. However, due to the expedited nature of most data center projects, this process begins earlier in the design phase than most. Therefore, it is also of great importance to manage the inevitable design changes and understand the full impact they might have to the project. (more…)

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