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Livin’ on the Edge

Data CentersThe foundation of the internet where one would find the densest concentration of connectivity and carriers has traditionally resided in the major cities like New York and San Francisco.


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Creativity Overcomes Challenges


McKenney’s replaced existing computer room mechanical units in one of a global data center’s colocation hubs in Atlanta, Georgia. (more…)

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Designing Alternatives for Uptime

Date Centers

McKenney’s provided critical services that enabled HVAC systems to remain online during a chiller plant renovation for the commercial office in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Thinking, Delivering On-the-fly

Thinking-Delivering-On-the-flyThe McKenney’s team installed piping, plumbing and HVAC systems for a new data center in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. (more…)

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What Ever Happened to the Chiller-less Data Center Revolution?

Date CentersThe idea of the chiller-less data center has been a popular topic for the savvy designer to philosophize on since the original internet boom of the 90’s. It has been a more realistically achievable goal for well over a decade. Between the hardware manufacturers and data center operators accepting that the modern server can withstand higher input temperatures with minimal additional risk and the overall focus on energy efficiency across the industry, there have been great strides in the never ending march towards unity in PUE measurements. (more…)

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