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Why you NEED Multifactor Authentication

If you’re like most people, you know Cyber Security is important. Not only that, you know you should be doing something more with passwords. But let’s face it — memorizing dozens of passwords or trusting a new process is daunting. This is where Multifactor Authentication comes in. Imagine not having to change a single password…EVER?  (more…)

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What I learned on my last Phishing trip…

Ask most employees and they will tell you what Phishing is and why it’s bad. Yet, Phishing is still a top Cyber Security concern for any organization. I recently conducted several mock phishing campaigns that revealed common problems that prevent employees from being successful at combating phishing attempts.

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The True Impact of Ransomware

NSA secrets, foreign espionage, manufacturing plants temporarily shutting down, emergency rooms turning away patients were just a few aspects of the most recent Ransomware code named Wanna Cry. Given this level of risk what can the average company or employee do to prevent this?



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Will Phishing in the Construction Industry Ever Stop?

One can’t go a few days without hearing about a new cyber security vulnerability or reading about another company that had a massive data breach. You can almost say the same thing about phishing in the construction industry, where competent, respected individuals have his/her email account hacked and compromised and are sending out annoying phishing emails. How can you stop this from happening to you?


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5 Information Security Trends That Will Dominate 2015


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