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BIM and Virtual Construction – The Same or Different?

Can the terms BIM and Virtual Construction be used interchangeably in the construction market or do they carry different meanings that can impact how the team interacts?  (more…)

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The Elephant in the Room: Contractually Governing Documents

Is BIM worth the cost and time if the model is not contractually binding?


Have you ever read a contract, or electronic document release form?  If so, you have probably seen language like this:


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NIBS Releases BIM Guide

“The National Institute of Building Sciences has recently unveiled a new set of guidelines to help building owners and facility managers better use building information modeling (BIM). The National BIM Guide for Owners (NBGO) provides building owners with an approach, from their own profession’s standpoint, to create and fulfill BIM requirements for a typical project.”  (more…)

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Managing a Sea of Change

capture McKenney’s completed a massive mechanical systems installation project at a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Covington, Georgia.


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Pushing BIM to the Limit: Acceptable Tolerances

BIM & Construction TechnologySome BIM projects set goals for clash free models with zero (inch) tolerance for clashes. Is there value in achieving a condition in the model that is not practical in the field? (more…)

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