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Four Ways Commercial Smart Buildings Can Save if Investments in Energy Efficiency are Prioritized

buildingintelligence2_smallerSmart buildings save energy through advanced building energy management systems, smart lighting and HVAC as well as other smart building components. (more…)

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Taking Command of Controls

buildingintelligence2_smallerMcKenney’s installed energy-saving direct digital controls (DDC) to existing HVAC systems in 77 buildings at a Georgia repair facility that supports a U.S military branch.


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Elevating Customer Experience with Innovative Data Science

rc-ib-15-photo-048Check out this case study about a recent project with Cousins Properties, which was featured during IBcon 2015.


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Using Big Data to Tackle Building Energy Waste

buildingintelligence2_smallerCommercial buildings and facilities can be big major contributors to energy waste each year–totaling up to $200 billion annually. But as technologies advance, we’re beginning to see enterprises use big data to identify and correct inefficiencies.


Tags: Automation & Control Solutions, Building Intelligence

Delivering for Long-Time Customer

buildingintelligence2_smallerMcKenney’s is demonstrating the power of bdoc® Business Intelligence (BI) for BuildingsTM for new electrical and supporting HVAC systems at a Georgia broadcasting company’s central plant.


The Challenge

The McKenney’s Automation & Control Solutions (ACS) team had previously developed the broadcaster’s bdoc monitoring system for both HVAC and power equipment. As new equipment came online, the ACS team had to design and present the massive amounts of data from generators, electrical switchgear, power monitoring equipment and end-user devices into an easily manageable and visually friendly bdoc interface.


Tags: Automation & Control Solutions, Building Intelligence, Project Highlights