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When it Comes to Controls, What is Best for the Customer?

 For years, the history of building automation and controls was defined by large organizations selling all the controls in a building and tying that customer to a particular brand for a typical span of 15-20 years.  (more…)

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Realcomm | IBcon 2017, San Diego

Weeks ago I attended a conference that I had been hearing buzz about for several years. It is no secret that technology is rapidly converging upon the commercial real estate industry, impacting all facets of building operation. I was fascinated by the thought leaders’ prognostication on just how many more areas of real estate and building operations are rapidly evolving.


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Taking Command of Controls


Project Name

HVAC Monitors and Controls Installation

Project Location

Albany, Georgia (more…)

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Your Building’s Data in the Cloud

Syst_Int_Controls-3More and more services are being delivered via cloud providers these days—do you use on-line banking?  Keep up with your family and friends via social media?  Prospect for new customer accounts using online services like SalesForce? Have you tried Microsoft Office 365?  All of these are examples of cloud based services. (more…)

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Four Ways Commercial Smart Buildings Can Save if Investments in Energy Efficiency are Prioritized

buildingintelligence2_smallerSmart buildings save energy through advanced building energy management systems, smart lighting and HVAC as well as other smart building components. (more…)

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