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Preventing Heat Stress Illness

Welcome to Summer 2018!  It’s already been cooking up in temperatures around the Southeast and it’s important to plan for, and protect against, the threat of heat stress related illness in the construction industry.  Keep in mind that exposure to heat during work activities can lead to illness and death.  Symptoms of heat stress illness range from heat rash to cramps to exhaustion and stroke.  The are daily precautions that you and your teams can take when temperatures are high, and your daily activities involve physical work. 


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Success Through Innovation

McKenney’s installed a non-traditional HVAC system for a new three-story call center in Midland, Georgia.



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Celebrating 70 Years in Business

As many of you know, this year marks a special milestone for McKenney’s – 70 years in business! We want to share with you some of our fondest memories and share how we are celebrating this amazing accomplishment.



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