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Seamless Data Center Operations

Project Name

Large Data Center


Project Location

Norcross, Georgia


Project Team

Owner: Communications Services Provider

General Contractor: Westin Construction

Engineer: Black & Veatch


McKenney’s made significant upgrades to the mechanical systems infrastructure — including chillers, piping and pumps — without interrupting data center operations.


The Challenge

Critical equipment in the facility had to remain active, with optimal redundancy at all times. The engineer and McKenney’s had to develop a detailed sequence of construction procedures.


The Solution

McKenney’s built a large steel platform in sections above the existing chillers. Each chiller was individually lifted to its section on the platform where it was reconnected quickly using prefabricated piping connections. Once startup and commissioning was completed on the relocated chiller, the team began to work on the next chiller.


The Results

The complicated process was completed without any interruption to data center operations while adhering to facility security procedures. The customer expressed satisfaction with the quality and expediency of the work.

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