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Archive for December, 2016

Livin’ on the Edge

Data CentersThe foundation of the internet where one would find the densest concentration of connectivity and carriers has traditionally resided in the major cities like New York and San Francisco.


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Retrocommissioning Heightens Efficiency

55-allen-plaza-001-phMcKenney’s monitored, analyzed and repaired existing mechanical systems in the Allen Plaza high-rise tower to improve energy efficiency.
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The Big 5 of LEAN Construction

LEANSharing our ideas and values with others.


When we look at projects at McKenney’s, there are several areas where LEAN principles and waste reduction can really make an impact. Here’s how you can help!


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Enhance Building Performance with Automation & Control Solutions from McKenney’s, Inc.

Welcome_Blog As building systems become more sophisticated, new complexities and challenges emerge—as well as unique opportunities. McKenney’s Automation & Control Solutions (ACS) is your partner for innovative, integrated services and solutions that enable facility managers, building occupants and owners to realize unprecedented levels of comfort, cost savings and energy efficiency.


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