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Archive for April, 2016

Retrocommissioning – What Am I Buying?

Have you purchased a retrocommissioning project in the past few years? Perhaps you have and you were not really sure what it was that you got in return. Perhaps you have not because all the proposals you have received have you confused…how are you supposed to get funding for something when you are not even sure what IT IS you are buying. (more…)

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LEAN: Collaborative Learning and Sharing Experiences with 5 Key Groups

LEANThere are many reasons companies call their experience with LEAN “a journey.” Each company finds their own unique approach and path to reducing waste and creating value in their organization. However, there are some universal principals that apply to help ensure success. Networking and collaborating with other LEAN organizations is one of them. (more…)

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Bryan Decker a Panelist at CMAA-SAC’s Upcoming Lean Construction Breakfast

Welcome_BlogOur very own Bryan Decker will be joining fellow industry experts for the Lean Construction 2 Breakfast Meeting on April 12. This panel discussion, hosted by Construction Management Association of America South Atlantic Chapter (CMAA-SAC), will explore how the impact LEAN design, construction and tools—specifically the Last Planner® System—change the way we do business with the whole project team from the owner and architect to the GC, subcontractors and vendors.


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