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Luxury Meets Systems Expertise

Mixed-use & Multi Family

Check out one of the latest projects by our Automation & Control Solutions team—the installation of a complex HVAC system at the St. Regis Hotel & Residences during construction in Atlanta.


The Challenge

High expectations surrounded this 25-story luxury hotel and condominium project. Meticulous planning and sequencing were required to prevent delays and allow all trades ample space to work. Each hotel room and residence had its own air conditioning system, making trade coordination vital to stay on schedule.


The Solution

Two 250-ton water-cooled chillers and a gas boiler were installed along with horizontal fan coil units above the bathroom ceilings for the 10 floors of hotel rooms. Air handling units were installed in the public spaces, and variable air volume systems were used in the public and back-of-house areas to control temperature fluctuations needed for zero occupancy to full occupancy times. After closely coordinating a mechanical transition floor, a water source heat pump and gas boiler system allowed a shell build-out of the condominiums.


The Results

McKenney’s completed the job on time, paving the way for the opening of this high-end travel destination and luxury residence.


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