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Healing Through Energy Efficiency

The Challenge

  • Incomplete original construction documents
  • Multiple workspace reconfigurations
  • Reduce utilities consumption spend by $250,000 annually

The Solution

  • Conducted energy assessment to identify root causes of operational inefficiencies


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How to Increase Your Buildings Air Filtration Efficiency

As our nation begins the journey back to work and school, we carry a heightened sense of responsibility to our fellow coworkers, students and educators to do what we can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We have all seen a higher level of sanitation of surfaces and have been instructed to wear masks when indoors, or when social distancing is not possible. However, there are other preventative measures that can help slow the spread of COVID-19. One of the simplest ways building owners can slow the spread of COVID-19 is to provide the appropriate indoor air filtration.


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What In The World Is RPA?

If “machine learning” sounds like the beginning of a bleak dystopian future, then think of it as if you mixed The Terminator with The Matrix. “Robotic process automation” must be the phase when the machines rise to rule humankind with ruthless efficiency, right?


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Data Centers: Where to Begin?

Data has become KING as we have used it to connect safely with our teams and families, and in the same way, the Atlanta data center market has become strengthened! We have been seeing major data center players showing up on the scene, and McKenney’s is in a great position to capitalize on this current market surge and future opportunities. Data center construction and expansions do not show any signs of slowing down as data becomes more vital in our everyday lives.  (more…)

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Your Real Estate Portfolio Master Plan Deserves A Master Systems Integrator

Imagine you’re the owner of a football team. Do you rely on each of your players to play their position as best they can? Or do you count on your head coach to lead the team to a championship ring? Leading a team of controls, fire, security, lighting and IT systems contractors without a Master Systems Integrator is like trying to win a championship without a head coach!


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