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Visual Management in LEAN Construction

A strategy for when things get busy. 

When work ramps up on a jobsite or in the office, a few things will almost certainly happen. We will start working with new members of our team, and our work will begin to get more complex and move at a faster pace. (more…)

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HVAC Installation Makes the Grade

Project Name

Academy Cooling Tower and Pump Retrofit

Project Location

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Team

Owner: College-preparatory School

Contractor: McKenney’s, Inc.


Pipe Shop Prefab




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Choose McKenney’s, Inc. Energy Services to Put Your Facility on the Path to Building Performance

Keeping a facility operating around the clock is no small job. Add in aging systems with device and sensor issues, and you have a facility that has too much variance in occupant comfort, takes too much to time to operate, and costs too much energy to run.


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When the Workload Increases – Be Where Your Boots Are

Over the past number of months our company has been talking about the pending increase in construction work across the Southeast this summer.  It certainly has picked up in our operations.  Bottom-line: it’s here!


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Planning, Working in Lock Step

Project Name

Corporate Campus Mechanical Systems Uplift and Controls

Project Location

Charlotte, North Carolina

Project Team

Owner: Packaging and Hygiene Company

General Contractor: Shelco LLC

Contractor: McKenney’s, Inc. (more…)

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